Ironworkers Local #399 received a charter from the International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Ironworkers on August 3, 1925.  The first meeting place for the new union was rented from the Union Temple Building located at Broadway and Royden Streets in Camden, New Jersey. The Union Temble Building was the central location for many of the building trades.  Local #399 was chartered to service the Southern New Jersey area.  The first President and Business Manager was Ernie Lewis.  The union had 50 members at that time.

Since that humble beginning Ironworkers Local #399 has moved several times.  The first two moves were to other rented halls in Fairview and Camden, New Jersey.  Local #399 purchased its first property in 1961.  The new Union Hall was located at 1818 Mt. Ephraim Avenue in Camden, New Jersey.  This hall serviced the Union for 31 years before it was decided that a new place was needed.  Local #399 located an old school building in Westville, NJ that was for sale.  The union bought the school and completed an extensive renovation of the building.  We have now resided in the building for 15 years.  Our Union Hall is located At 409 Crown Point Road  Westville. NJ.     

Local #399’s membership is currently over 800 members.  Robert C. Sweeney has been the President and Business Manager for the last 25 years. Robert retired on December 1, 2012. Stephen Sweeney was the Financial Secretary – Treasurer for the past 10 years and was appointed to his present position of President of The Philadelphia & Vicinity District Council on March 1, 2008.  Brother Sweeney is very active in politics.  Steve was the Freeholder Director of Gloucester County and is now the Senate Majority Leader in New Jersey.  Richard Sweeney has been appointed to fill the unexpired term as President and Business Manager.     

Richard Sweeney has been elected President and Business Manager in the last election.  His term will expire June 30, 2019.   

On January 1, 2017 Local #68 and Local #350 were merged into Local #399 by the International Association.  The Union Hall for this larger local was located in Westville with satellite offices in Trenton and Atlantic City.

In October of 2019 we moved into our current office located in Winslow, NJ.